Does Your Roof Need Top-of-the-Line Assistance?

Call an experienced roofer located in Loudon, TN for assistance

Your roof is your first line of defense against severe weather. Rain, hail and high winds can damage your roof and leave you in a tough spot. If there’s a problem with your roof, call Tullock Construction as soon as possible.

We Offer These Services

Our roofers can address your roof issues in a timely manner. Call Tullock Construction as soon as possible to schedule a time for your installation or repairs. 

New Roof Installation

Install a durable roof on your home.

Asphalt Roofing Repairs

Fix broken, missing and curled shingles.

Storm Damage Repair

You weathered the storm. Let us handle any repairs.

Roof Inspections

Choose us for roof leak detection in Loudon, TN & surrounding areas.

Personal service from qualified roofers

No one should live under a damaged roof. Our lead contractor has over 30 years of construction and roofing experience. We’ll make sure your family is protected by evaluating your roof’s condition. From there, we will either recommend a few repairs or a complete replacement. To make your service as simple as possible, we offer:

  • Free estimates
  • Five-year labor warranties
  • 24-hour response times to emergencies

Our level of service sets us apart. We know you never planned to deal with a roofing issue. Whether you need us to fix a couple shingles or replace your entire roof, you’ll enjoy working with our roofers in Loudon, TN & surrounding areas.

Storm Damage Repairs in Loudon, TN

Did a recent storm leave your roof in shambles?

Don’t wait another second for your roof repairs. Another storm could sweep through and aggravate existing damage. Call Tullock Construction as soon as possible for your storm damage roof repairs in Loudon, TN. We’ll address the damage to get your roof back in shape. Protect your family and your home by calling Tullock Construction right now at 865-360-0183.

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